We have over 200 staff working both in our London head office and in the regions where we work.

We are led by our Senior Management Team, governed by our Board of Trustees and endorsed by our patron. We all work with the conviction that peace is possible.

Ada James Emmanuel's picture

Ada James Emmanuel

Project Manager – Zaman Lafiya Hakin Mu, Nigeria

Ahmed Maiga's picture

Ahmed Maiga

Country Director, Mali

Aseel Naamani's picture

Aseel Naamani

Programmes Manager, Lebanon

Babagana Ferobe Isa's picture

Babagana Ferobe Isa

Project Manager – Hadin Kan Mu Karfin Mu, Nigeria

Ben Francis's picture

Ben Francis

Senior Programme Design and Assessment Officer, South and Southeast Asia

Betty Mutesi's picture

Betty Mutesi

Country Director, Rwanda

Bijay Chhetri's picture

Bijay Chhetri

Senior Research Officer, Nepal

Camille Marquette's picture

Camille Marquette

Peacebuilding Adviser – Natural Resources

Caroline Brooks's picture

Caroline Brooks

Programmes Manager, Syria

Charlotte Onslow's picture

Charlotte Onslow

Director, Peacebuilding Advisory Unit

Cindy Chungong's picture

Cindy Chungong

Regional Director, Africa

Elizabeth Laruni's picture

Elizabeth Laruni

Peacebuilding Adviser – Gender

Emmanuel Sebujangwe's picture

Emmanuel Sebujangwe

Project Manager, Tufaidike wote, DRC

Francisco 'Pancho' Lara Jr.'s picture

Francisco 'Pancho' Lara Jr.

Senior Peace and Conflict Adviser, Asia

George Grayson's picture

George Grayson

Programme Development and Assessment Manager, Horn of Africa

Gloriosa Bazigaga's picture

Gloriosa Bazigaga

Senior Adviser, Great Lakes

Henry Tyokua Akya's picture

Henry Tyokua Akya

Project Manager - Programme on Women, Peace and Security, Nigeria

Ilina Slavova's picture

Ilina Slavova

Senior Adviser, Lebanon

Ishaya Birma's picture

Ishaya Birma

Project Manager – Ido da Ido, Nigeria

Jana Naujoks's picture

Jana Naujoks

Country Director, Myanmar

Jessica Hartog's picture

Jessica Hartog

Head of Natural Resource Management and Climate Change

Jessie Banfield's picture

Jessie Banfield

Director of Programmes

Julian Egan's picture

Julian Egan

Director of Advocacy and Communications

Kimairis Toogood's picture

Kimairis Toogood

Senior Adviser, Africa

Layal Assaad's picture

Layal Assaad

Senior Design, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer, Lebanon

Liz Dobson's picture

Liz Dobson

Director of Resource Development

Lucy Holdaway's picture

Lucy Holdaway

Director, Peacebuilding Advisory Unit

Lucy Williams's picture

Lucy Williams

Project Manager – Tujenge Pamoja kwa Ajili ya Amani, DRC

Mariam Abdel Baky's picture

Mariam Abdel Baky

Projects Manager, Tunisia

default picture

Marina Nagai

Senior Projects Manager, Eurasia

Markus Mayer's picture

Markus Mayer

Regional Director, Asia

Mary Kachollom Hwyere's picture

Mary Kachollom Hwyere

Northeast Programme Coordinator, Nigeria

Mehdi Barhoumi's picture

Mehdi Barhoumi

Programmes Manager, Tunisia

Michael Young's picture

Michael Young

Chief Executive Officer

Mustapha Shettima's picture

Mustapha Shettima

Project Manager – Hadin kai domin zaman lafiya, Nigeria

Myat Thandar Ko's picture

Myat Thandar Ko

Programme Manager – Gender and Conflict Sensitivity, Myanmar

Nant Mu Say Khaleim's picture

Nant Mu Say Khaleim

Programme Officer – Gender, Myanmar

Ndeye Sow's picture

Ndeye Sow

Head of Gender and Peacebuilding

Nikki Philline C. de la Rosa's picture

Nikki Philline C. de la Rosa

Country Director, Philippines

Olfa Lamloum's picture

Olfa Lamloum

Country Director, Tunisia

Ollie James's picture

Ollie James

Resource Development Assistant

Rabina Shrestha's picture

Rabina Shrestha

Country Director, Nepal

Rabindra Gurung's picture

Rabindra Gurung

Country Director, Kenya and the Horn of Africa

Rebecca Crozier's picture

Rebecca Crozier

Regional Director, Europe and MENA

Rima Ramadan's picture

Rima Ramadan

Project Officer, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey

Ruth Simpson's picture

Ruth Simpson

Acting Lebanon Country Director

Shahribonu Shonasimova's picture

Shahribonu Shonasimova

Country Representative, Tajikistan

Shakirat Toktosunova's picture

Shakirat Toktosunova

Country Representative, Kyrgyzstan

Vesna Matovic's picture

Vesna Matovic

Head of Training and Learning

Williams Ubimago's picture

Williams Ubimago

Project Manager – Early recovery in Yobe state, Nigeria