As a global peacebuilding organisation with our headquarters in the UK, International Alert understands that violent conflict is a universal issue.

Therefore, our work includes advocating for the UK to continue to play an outward-facing leadership role in the world post-Brexit, maintain an effective aid programme, actively and intentionally contribute to conflict prevention efforts, and promote and support peacebuilding around the world. This will help increase the ability of local organisations and communities to address the root causes of the conflict around them. 

In the past we have also implemented projects in the UK, from supporting local peacebuilders to build bridges between people from different geographic, ethnic and faith backgrounds to mobilising UK-based diaspora to contribute to peace within their communities of heritage, and improve collaboration between the diaspora and policy-makers on peacebuilding policy and practice.

International Alert is a member of several networks that are committed to building sustainable peace. This includes the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO), an independent platform of European NGOs and think tanks, Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP), a global network of over 150+ organisations working in 181 countries, Bond, a UK network for organisations working in international development, and the Steering Group of the Bond Conflict Policy Group, which aims to promote best practice on what works to address conflict and fragility.