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International Alert collaborates globally with over 100 partners across our programmatic work.  Often national and regional partnerships have been developed and cultivated over many years with trust-building a central component of the relationship. 

We believe that peaceful solutions to conflict can only be found by involving those who are directly affected by it. Our extensive network of long-standing partners enables Alert to work in a contextually informed way, while partners’ real-time, on the ground, perspectives play a valuable role in shaping the insights we provide as a part of our policy dialogue and institutional engagement.  Our partnerships help Alert stay adaptable and mean we can mobilise quickly for dynamics change as was seen in 2020, when partners pivoted to integrate challenges and opportunities created by the COVID-19 pandemic into their work.

Peacebuilding requires collaboration with others, as the scale of the endeavour requires us to work within networks and partnerships to have an impact at any significant scope and scale.  The issues we aim to address most often require a multi-dimensional approach that is beyond the reach of a single entity. The solutions to societal problems must by their very nature be applied from within society, which means we often rely on people and organisations in the conflict-affected societies where we work, to define and achieve the appropriate changes.

Our partnerships

  • Alert works with local, national and international peacebuilding organisations to deliver peacebuilding programming in countries around the world.
  • Alert has strategic partnerships with bilateral and institutional donors which enable us to deliver our organisational strategy. These donors include; The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the Netherlands and Irish Aid Department of Foreign Affairs.
  • Alert works in consortia with think-tanks, academic institutions and other peacebuilding organisations in developing and delivering both thematic and geographic research and analysis.
  • Alert, along with our local and national peacebuilders collaborate in consortia and partnerships with large multi-mandate organisations to operationalise global commitments around the Humanitarian-Development-Peacebuilding, ‘Triple nexus’.

Over coming years Alert expects to increasingly promote the localisation agenda in the context of our partnerships, in the belief that only local actors can truly achieve sustainable peace.

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Partnerships and collaboration at the local, national and international level are central to our peacebuilding work. We’d love to hear from you.

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