At International Alert, we believe that violent conflict can only be resolved sustainably by those directly affected by it. This is because the solutions to societal problems must by their very nature be applied from within a society.

This means appropriate changes need to be defined and achieved by people and organisations in the conflict-affected societies in which we work. The participation and collaboration of those most affected by the conflict, and people with diverse perspectives, are essential for ending violence and building sustainable peace.

The positive social changes we seek usually require work and influence by multiple actors, beyond the capacity of a single organisation. Peacebuilding therefore requires collaboration with others locally, nationally, regionally and globally, working within networks of peacebuilding peers as well as with diverse stakeholders with multiple other interests to have an impact at scale.

As an international NGO, we seek to amplify the efforts, impact and voice of our partners, work in solidarity and connect partners with others. Our accompaniment includes securing funding for partners’ work, providing training, mentoring and other capacity building in peacebuilding and organisational management, and working together to influence powerholders to bring about change.

Our partners support us through grounding our understanding of conflict, shaping our approach to peacebuilding, expanding our reach, bringing specific expertise to our joint work, sharing learning and ensuring we remain adaptive and relevant in the contexts in which we work.

Our collaboration with partners takes many forms, tailored to the opportunities and needs of the contexts in which we work. But we want our peacebuilding to be increasingly locally led and locally managed. To ensure we build strong partnerships, we will work towards them being more equitable, effective, deep and diverse.

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