Conflict Hub

As the appetite for conflict sensitive practice has increased among governments, the private sector and humanitarian and development organisations, International Alert has built up a strong portfolio of experience in supporting the integration of conflict-sensitive approaches.

Beginning in 2021, International Alert launched a centralised team dedicated to supporting conflict sensitive practice. This ‘centre of excellence’ is designed to provide cross-cutting, agile conflict sensitivity support to Alert and our external partners. The specialisations of the Conflict Hub include conflict analysis, conflict sensitivity and gender sensitivity practice. 

Alert has provided conflict-sensitivity training to many organisations, including the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and various UN and EU bodies. Alert receives funding from the FCDO as well as the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, USAID and the EU for conflict analysis support, conflict analysis and conflict sensitivity training, and conflict sensitivity accompaniment and support to projects and programmes in the Africa, MENA and Asia regions. Lastly, Alert has extensive experience providing conflict sensitivity support to large commercial contract-led development programmes focused on governance and health in Africa and MENA.

The Conflict Hub offers the following services

Conducting conflict and gender-sensitive analyses for donors, their implementing partners, humanitarian and development practitioners, businesses and governments

  • For example: We provided peace and conflict analysis for the International Rescue Committee in Northeast Nigeria and a USAID Conflict Assessment Framework (CAF) in Kenya.

Integrating conflict sensitivity into sectoral programming for donors

  • For example: We supported healthcare providers and partners across Lebanon in tailoring their services to address the needs of both communities and promote peaceful relations.

Integrating conflict sensitivity at the institutional level for donors

  • For example: We advised the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Asian Development Bank (ADB) and various UN agencies and programmes on how to integrate conflict sensitivity into their work, at the country and headquarters level including their policies, strategies and operations.

Providing conflict sensitivity support to embassies and implementing partners in fragile and conflict-affected settings

  • For example: We provide technical advisory services to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands by supporting Embassies in Uganda, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia on conflict analysis and conflict sensitivity training for embassy staff and their strategic partners.

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