Our research ensures that our interventions, as well as those of our partners and donors, are based on a strong understanding of the conflict context. Conflict analysis forms the bedrock of our programming efforts to address the drivers of conflict and enables us to effectively adapt to changing dynamics.

Beyond informing our own practice, our research helps us reframe issues when engaging with conflicting parties.  Providing alternate, unbiased perspectives can help people identify pathways to more positive ways of resolving conflict. As a key ingredient of Alert’s policy advocacy, we strive to ensure that our research not only sheds light on challenging issues but also provides decision-makers with practical solutions.

International Alert undertakes an array of insightful and innovative research and analysis, traversing specific geographies, themes from the climate crisis and natural resource management, through to security and governance and the role that economic development plays in building peace, as well as peacebuilding best practice.

We are committed to contributing to global knowledge about the practice and impact of peacebuilding and what works on key issues. Our research takes many forms, ranging from detailed academic analyses, through to country analyses, our conflict monitoring system Conflict Alert in the Philippines, policy papers and practice notes and toolkits, such as Alert’s guide to help companies improve human rights in conflict areas and our preventing violent extremism toolkit with UNDP.

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