Security and governance

Prospects for peace are strongest when governments operate transparently and accountably to deliver goods and services to the population, when laws reflect the common good, and when citizens and government collaborate to define and take practical action on the right priorities.

We help citizens and authorities establish constructive and peaceful relationships, so they can work together to solve the problems causing conflict in their communities. We help people to shape the decisions that affect their lives and advise governments on how to support the freedoms needed for a vibrant civil society.

We work to build understanding, trust, dialogue and accountability between conflict-affected communities, security forces and local authorities. In Mali, this enabled us to develop sustainable, locally-owned strategies which reduced the number of conflicts within and between communities, and between communities and the state. We analyse the reasons behind insecurity and public perceptions of security actors and explore their impact on political and social instability. We use this knowledge to work with communities, governments and international agencies to devise practical responses that reduce harm, build respect for the rule of law and help ensure greater security and stability for citizens.

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