Young girl waits for mother to finish work at Rusizi Border, Bukavu photo by Carol Allen Storey



In Pakistan we work to resolve the barriers to long term stability and economic progress of the country.


In Ukraine we increase the capacity of civil society organisations to help build social cohesion and foster constructive engagement with authorities at all levels.


In Tajikistan we help people to find peaceful solutions to conflict by focusing on the issues that influence peace.


In Syria we work to support local and international peacebuilding efforts, through dialogue, research, advocacy, and training and accompaniment of civil society and international actors.

South Caucasus

In the South Caucasus we work with young people, journalists and activists to promote shared identities, social change and local agency across the region.


In Rwanda, we support the peaceful reintegration and reconciliation of survivors, perpetrators, ex-combatants, and young people affected by the genocide.


In Nigeria we focus on social cohesion, security governance, preventing and countering violent extremism and increasing the capacity of communities to prevent and manage conflict.

Alert Europe

Alert Europe was established in the Netherlands to better engage with European governments, the European Union and other stakeholders to support and build sustainable peace.


In Nepal we promote sustainable peace, inclusion, social cohesion, co-existence across social divides and building public trust in governance processes.


In Mali we work on strengthening security governance, improving trust and collaboration between the state and citizens, and managing natural resource and water-related conflicts.


In Kenya we support conflict sensitive governance of natural resources, increase inclusive and participatory governance and champion gender equality.


Headquartered in the UK, International Alert advocates for the continued support for conflict prevention efforts and peacebuilding around the world.


International Alert Philippines is now the Council for Climate and Conflict Action Asia (CCLiCAA) and Alert has closed its registration in the country.


In Tunisia we support the democratic transition process by promoting the inclusion of excluded and marginalised groups.


In Kyrgyzstan we support dialogue, social cohesion, non-violence and tolerance among local communities, religious organisations and civil society.


In DRC we help increase inclusive peace processes and decision making, build social cohesion, and improve analysis and understanding of conflict dynamics.


In Lebanon we help communities address the concerns and conflict issues facing their country.

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