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International Alert works in close solidarity with civil society partners supporting the Ukrainian people. We continue to call for an end to attacks on civilians, safe routes for aid and displaced civilians, and approaches to supporting the Ukrainian people that put them and Ukrainian organisations in the lead to ensure representative, inclusive recovery and reconstruction.

We have have been working in Ukraine since 2015 and have worked with over 60 civil society partners. We continue to be connected to civic activists, human rights defenders and peacebuilders across the country. Our current work involves supporting civil society organisations as they provide emergency and other vital services to different populations, from conflict-affected communities to internally displaced persons and other vulnerable people.

Through our Context Sensitivity and Social Inclusion Hub we provide analyses and accompaniment for both local and international organisations in Ukraine and Central Europe to help them deliver inclusive, complementary support that is sensitive to local needs.

Our previous work in Ukraine has included mental health among IDPs, reintegration of former combatants, gender equality and COVID-19, conflict risks in key regions and  perceptions of peacebuilders in the context of the armed conflict in the Donbas prior to 2022.

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