A comparative perspective of six Conflict Sensitivity hubs

A report investigating the scope and impact of Conflict Sensitivity (CS) hubs in six countries, to identify key lessons for a potential CS hub in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has been published by International Alert.

The study was commissioned by International Alert DRC as part of the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)-funded project aimed at piloting a CS hub in DRC. The objective of the study was to inform thinking and discussion on CS support needs and responses in the DRC.

The CS hubs reviewed are located in South Sudan, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, Myanmar and Yemen. The study focused on five thematic areas that form the basis of all CS hubs—mandate, size, implementers, activities, and impact measurement methods—to understand constants and variables between hubs, and to inform thinking on a possible DRC CS hub. Semi-structured interviews were held with 52 individuals, ranging from donor representatives, CS hub implementers, experts in CS, INGOs or implementing agencies and local NGOs. The findings of the report are feeding into the design of a potential CS Hub in DRC.

Download the executive summary below. To read the full version, please contact us.


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