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Reweaving the Ukrainian social fabric

Supporting community-led peacebuilding and advocacy

This project will increase the resilience of Ukrainian society to the impacts of conflict and social tensions, and strengthen its capacity to mitigate against future conflict risks.

It will do this by building the capacity of an informal network of diverse, grassroots civil society organisations (CSOs) from different areas of the country to generate robust local conflict analyses. The CSOs will then work alongside local authorities to identify existing problems and develop peacebuilding priorities and solutions, with the CSOs and local authorities each informing the work of the other.

By designing and implementing locally-led peacebuilding actions in this way, we will ensure that diverse and sometimes opposing groups work together constructively, improving their perceptions of each other and, in doing so, strengthening social cohesion. This will also enable CSOs to inform, and potentially influence, public discourse and decision-makers on common conflict issues.

We will provide the CSOs and local authorities with the methodological skills (analysis, dialogue, advocacy) and technical expertise necessary to work effectively on the specific conflict issues identified in their analyses. We will also provide small grants to the CSOs to implement local peacebuilding activities.

In addition, we will support local and regional media outlets to enhance and deepen their ethical media coverage on contentious social issues and to build a coalition of interest around mediation and conflict de-escalation.

The project partner, the media organisation the Thomson Foundation, will provide communications and production skills to the CSOs and the media outlets to support these various aims.