In Kenya, we support ‘conflict sensitive’ governance of the oil sector in Turkana county. We also provide research and analysis into critical peace and conflict issues facing Kenya, including preventing violent extremism and climate change adaptation.

The discovery of oil in Turkana county in 2012 provides an economic opportunity for the country. If well managed, the income it raises could make a significant contribution to Kenya’s economy and the wellbeing of its people.

Yet, the economic benefits it brings must be distributed in a way that people consider equitable and any potential negative impacts need to be managed carefully. This will require building trust between communities, the government and oil companies.

We therefore support constructive engagement and dialogue between the private sector and the government and local communities, to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. We also advocate for measures that improve governance in the country’s extractives sector and develop tools and approaches on economic development more broadly.

We have been working in Kenya since 2007.