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Regulating Georgian-Abkhaz economic relations

Building relations across conflict divides

We have been studying the issue of regulating economic relations across the Georgian–Abkhaz conflict divide since 2009.

Despite the restrictions on crossing the Georgian–Abkhaz divide, economic activity across the Ingur/i river persists. Although this trade is unpredictable and risky, people continue to trade in this way on a daily basis, because for many of them it is fundamental to their economic survival.

The regulation of economic activities across the Ingur/i is therefore a key way of building and sustaining confidence and peace across the conflict divide, making this an important area of study. The focus of our research has been to assess the potential of mutual economic interests as a basis for conflict transformation.

We bring together Georgian, Abkhaz and international legal, political, economic and business experts and officials to study and discuss the issue of regulating trans–Ingur/i economic relations in the absence of a political agreement.