We recognise the peacebuilding needs and opportunities in the UK and previously implemented projects in the country. While we don’t currently engage in peacebuilding directly with communities in the UK, we continue to strive to promote peace in numerous ways.

We advocate for the UK to continue to play an outward-facing role in the world post-Brexit, maintaining an effective aid programme and supporting peacebuilding around the world. We also call for a more rounded and grounded approach to addressing the underlying causes of violent extremism, which is important in the UK and in the countries where we work.

We have run numerous UK-focused #peacehacks to generate ideas and products to contribute to peace. One such product is Hate Free, an add-on to the Google Chrome web browser that detects a user’s inputs and provides feedback when hate words are detected.

We are a member of the Ammerdown Invitation, a large and growing group of peace activists working towards a new vision for the future of peace and common security. We also provide ad hoc support to UK-focused peacebuilders and work with diaspora communities in the UK to support peacebuilding in their countries of origin or heritage.