In Mali we help to improve the understanding of the peace and conflict context in order to enable the government, donors, international institutions and civil society to better support positive change.

We work with local people, communities and leaders to support local and national governance and peacebuilding, with a particular focus on natural resource management and sustainable economic development. We also seek to influence the design and delivery of aid programmes, to ensure they are sensitive to the conflict and support peace.

Our work is important because sustainable peace requires more inclusive participation, swapping the politics of clientelism, corruption and division for reformed and reinvigorated public institutions and a political class.

We have been working in Mali since 2013.


If victims become perpetrators

This research adds to the analytical evidence explaining the rise in violent extremism in the Sahel and provides guidance for governments and international actors to step up responses for the peaceful resolution of this crisis.

Bridging deep divisions in Mali

In Mali, years of insecurity and violence have shattered trust between communities, the state and security forces. We are supporting dialogue forums to improve relations between them and strengthen accountability around security issues.