How the Training of Trainers (ToT) programme is helping police officers in Nepal

The Community Score Card (CSC) is a social accountability tool for strengthening community-police partnership, which aims to improve collaboration and mutual accountability of service seekers and service providers.

The CSC tool is a systematic process of non-confrontational dialogues that gradually improves collaboration and mutual accountability between the community and police. It guides the development of joint indicator settings for good performance, accountability standards and a common scoring process. The collaboration fosters stronger ownership of the processes and generates a greater sense of responsibility between community and police towards each other and the mutually beneficial goal of better community security and justice.

The officers, from Province Two and Lumbhini Province, took part in the Training of Trainers (ToT) programme. The 16-days long ToT programme has been designed in close coordination with the Research, Planning, and Development Directorate (R&PD) of Nepal Police.

This documentary covers the summary of CSC process, its methodology and tools. You can watch it here:

More about the Community Score Card:


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