Rwanda – 25 years after the genocide

In 1994, a brutal 100 day genocide against the Tutsi swept across Rwanda. From 7 April to mid-July, the genocide spread from Rwanda’s capital Kigali throughout the country, leaving over one million Tutsis dead and an estimated two million people displaced.

Rwanda observes a week-long national period of mourning and remembrance – Icyunamo – each year, beginning on 7 April. 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the Tutsi genocide.

For this anniversary we go back and revisit people who have been part of our reconciliation project to see how they are continuing to rebuild their lives after the genocide and how they are now helping to build peace in their communities.

Looking at how fostering dialogue between the groups affected and providing psychosocial support can help communities recover, heal, build trust and be part of the reconciliation process.

Here are their stories

Fractured Lives – the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide

Since the genocide, Rwandans have made remarkable progress in re-establishing normality. 

Yet, communities across Rwanda remain divided and individuals are still piecing together their fractured lives. These are the incredible stories of Rwandan people who are still working hard to rebuild their lives and their divided society after the 1994 genocide.