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Safe to learn - Learning notes from Lebanon

Safe to Learn supports children to learn, grow and pursue their dreams by setting out principles, commitments and measures to end violence in schools.

This series of four papers captures and collates lessons learned from the project in Lebanon to support educators and promote safe environments in non-formal education learning centres.

This work aims to influence and progress policy and practice in violence prevention by increasing the evidence base and capacity of learning centres in Lebanon. It also seeks to reduce violence against children in areas with high concentrations of vulnerable populations, including refugees.

The project is in partnership with and supported by Basmeh & Zeitooneh, the Centre for Lebanese Studies, Damma Foundation and Sawa for Development and Aid as part of the Safe to Learn initiative.

Learning Notes

  • Part 1: The importance of positive discipline and classroom management
  • Part 2: The role of teachers’ wellbeing in creating safe learning environments
  • Part 3: Supporting safe environments for children with learning challenges
  • Part 4: Mainstreaming of child safeguarding in non-formal education and psychosocial support