Out of the shadows: Adopting a peacebuilding approach to the social effects of drug use in Nigeria

This research looks at the prevalence of drug use in Nigeria. The study found that drug abuse is on the rise in the country, particularly among women and youth, and that it is considered to be a contributing factor in various forms of conflict.

Drug users face stigma from their communities and options for treatment are limited. Respondents highlighted that powerful individuals in Nigerian society are involved in the drug trade and use drugs to disrupt rival campaigns during elections. The study also reveals that regulations covering potentially harmful prescription drugs, such as tramadol, Exol and codeine, are potentially insufficient.

It also discusses how adopting a peacebuilding approach to the problem of drug use in Nigeria will require an institutional understanding that its impact is not solely limited to the fields of health and law enforcement. The study was conceptualised by the Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme (NSRP) and carried out by International Alert.