Mobilising the Private Sector for Peace

The role of private sector actors in peace and conflict dynamics in Kenya and Somalia

At a global level and in the Horn of Africa, there is relatively little systematic, direct evidence that might enable us to understand the roles that private sector actors play in peace and conflict.

Much of the evidence that does exist is anecdotal and unsystematic, or based on statistical correlations or unevidenced predictions derived from econometric observations of conflict-affected contexts. The existing evidence base does not offer useful, practical entry points for the development of private sector strategies for peacebuilders or for the design of projects that address specific conflict issues in particular contexts. Yet, at the same time, enthusiasm is rising among policy actors for programmatic interventions that engage private sector actors, particularly in efforts to address conflict and fragility. There is a real need for more evidence and analysis to support the development of strategies, policies, and peacebuilding interventions in this space.

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