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Economic recovery and local governance in Mali

Addressing post-conflict recovery and development concerns

This project aims to address the underlying factors of Mali's recent crisis, which, if not addressed, will continue to fuel instability and a recurrence of the conflict in the country.

While a lot has been achieved in Mali since the crisis in 2012, local people are frustrated about the lack of progress towards addressing development concerns and priorities, and about the lack of engagement of local community leaders in discussions related to post-conflict recovery and reconstruction.

Working across six areas of Timbuktu, the project (known locally as ‘Relance economique et gouvernance des affaires locales', or REGAL), addresses three pillars of post-conflict stability and development in the country: reconciliation, economic recovery and governance.

Central to the project's grassroots approach is the training of community leaders to initiate and lead on local conflict identification and analysis, and the support for micro projects that respond to identified conflict drivers and priorities.