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Advocating Against Islamophobia In Education (ADVISE)

Training young people to counter religious-based discrimination in schools

This project empowers young people to understand the roots of Islamophobia and equips them with the skills needed to create change in their schools and communities.

British Muslims are an integral part of British society. Yet there is a notable growth in Islamophobic sentiment pervading the public and political discourse, and reported anti-Muslim hate crimes are also on the rise. School pupils are particularly vulnerable, as there are no mechanisms in place to record or report religious discrimination. They are also more exposed to Islamophobia online and on social media, where formal education is not equipped to protect them.

We bring together and train Muslim and non-Muslim young people from a school in East Lancashire to identify gaps in protection against religious discrimination in the school system. A variety of creative tools are used to understand, measure and fight Islamophobia, including drama, street art and technology (#peacehack).

Through this project, the young people can develop more of a voice in their community and bring evidence to decision-makers to push for more protective policies in education.

By forging a network of advocates across Europe, they are also learning from other anti-discrimination movements.