Breaking the binary: Report launch

On 1 December 2022, we launched our latest report Breaking the binary: LGBT+ inclusive approach to the women, peace and security agenda in Nepal and Myanmar alongside our partners, the Federation of Sexual and Gender Minorities, Nepal, and a Myanmar LGBT+ organisation, to explore our new research findings from Myanmar and Nepal.

In societies dominated by patriarchal norms and masculinities, LGBT+ people and women share many experiences of exclusion from deep-rooted discrimination and social stigma to rejection from family, communities and the state.

An inclusive ‘women, peace and security’ agenda that ends the abuse and violence against people based on traditional gender roles and sexualities is long overdue.

We discussed the LGBT+ experience of peace and security and how to make the women, peace and security agenda more inclusive.  


  • Ashim Pandey – Programme Development and Learning Manager – International Alert, Nepal 
  • Myat Thandar Ko – Programme Manager – Gender and Conflict Sensitivity – International Alert, Myanmar 
  • Simran Sherchan – Operation Head, Federation of Sexual and Gender Minorities, Nepal  
  • Moderator – Hannah Ward – Director of Policy, Advocacy and Communications – International Alert, UK

About the Federation of Sexual and Gender Minorities, Nepal 

The Federation of Sexual and Gender Minorities, Nepal, founded in May 2007, is the first and the only network of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and Intersex organisations in Nepal, with 37 affiliated community-based organisations (CBOs) and 53 offices in 32 districts.

The federation’s goal is to strengthen the Men having Sex with Men/ Male Sex Workers network and build the capacity of its CBOs to address the unique needs of the LGBT+ communities. The federation’s purpose is to create a strong network of organisations that can work with the LGBT+ communities across Nepal on health, advocacy and human rights issues.