Investment, trade and aid can generate significant economic wealth and help support social development, but can also have adverse effects on local communities and economies.

We help businesses, communities and governments ensure that economic development in conflict-affected countries is inclusive and sustainable, so that peace and prosperity go hand in hand.

We advise companies, governments and international institutions on how to enhance the peacebuilding potential of their economic policies, and help local communities to shape and benefit from economic development.


Human rights due diligence in conflict-affected settings

This guidance addresses the question of how companies can ensure respect for human rights in their operations without exacerbating or generating conflicts.


Emmanuel Sebujangwe

Project Manager, Tufaidike wote, DRC

Nikki Philline de la Rosa

Country Manager, Philippines

Rabia Nusrat

Regional Projects Manager, Afghanistan and Pakistan

Summer Brown

Director, Peacebuilding Advisory Unit