In Lebanon we work with people to build trust and address the concerns facing their country.

We bring together communities to support social stability and discuss peace and conflict issues. We support collaboration between authorities and communities. We also work with community leaders to build safer and more stable communities, and to reduce the risk of tensions among Lebanese communities as well as the spillover effects from the conflict in Syria.

Our work is important because without the support of influential community leaders, it will not be possible to build a lasting peace in Lebanon.

We have been working in Lebanon since 2009.


People volunteering to help clean up the streets after the Beirut seaport blast

Lebanon protests one year on: Outlooks for recovery and change

One year on from the October 2019 protests and facing national crises, what are the outlooks for recovery and peaceful change in Lebanon?

Protesters lining the streets of Beirut last year © Ali Hamouch

Lebanon protests and prospects for peacebuilding

The ongoing protests in Lebanon have produced new forms of civic engagement that could lead to a reinvigorated movement and improved government accountability.