Tajikistan: Family happiness is in the absence of violence

Young women in Central Asia face high risks of violence, including sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).

In the presence of economic and financial insecurity, as well as high levels of social tension or violent conflict, these risks increase. In Tajikistan, SGBV is rooted in traditional, patriarchal, generational and gerontocratic (rule by much older leaders) gender norms.

This animation was designed as part of the Zinadagii Shoista (‘Living with dignity’) project in response to these realities, as a public awareness campaign.

The project aims to build a socio-economic environment that empowers women and protects them from SGBV. By fostering financial independence and giving families the tools to resolve their conflicts through discussion and understanding, we help Tajik women to contribute to the family economically and be seen as valued members of society. This in turn helps communities to change their attitudes and challenges the social norms of violence against women and girls.