Mariam Tadros speaks to The Hopeful Activist Podcast

Alert’s Regional Director for Asia-MENA speaks about peace and her experience of peace activism, and explains what motivates her and what gives her hope.

Mariam Tadros made the comments during a moving appearance as a guest on The Hopeful Activists podcast hosted by the Praxis Centre for Hope and Activism.

The arms trade for the peacebuilding sector is always, and always has been, the elephant in the room when we talk about war and peace in modern times.

Mariam starts by exploring the role of the arms trade for peacebuilders. She shares her view that more conversations about the reality of the industry in society are important in our pursuit of peace.

There’s a very fine line in how we utilise anger, to work for peace.

She goes on to talk about anger, used in the right way can be a powerful motivator for activists. But that uninterrogated anger can contribute to conflict.

Finally, Mariam is asked for a hopeful story of reconciliation and peace activism to end the podcast. She shares the resilience and hope she sees in others as what is keeping her grounded. Living and working in extremely challenging circumstances, such as Lebanon and Myanmar, the peacebuilders she has worked with keep on striving for peace.

As well as with carrying the realities that they are facing into the conflicts that they are experiencing themselves, the trauma, the grief, the loss, that they themselves are living, still remaining in a place where they can envision and imagine that peace is possible.

You can listen to the full episode, at the Praxis Centre for Hope & Activism website. Or you can search for ‘The Hopeful Activist’ wherever you listen to podcasts.