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Lisa Rose

Lisa Rose
Trustee, International Alert

Lisa Rose works internationally with marginalised communities in conflict and post-conflict societies.

She has experience in Northern Ireland, Council of Europe countries, and Kenya engaging with national and local governments, politicians, security forces and communities to assist them to be more peace-able and to navigate conflicts in non-violent ways. Her other specialist interests are supporting young people from tougher social realities by encouraging civic action, cross-community understanding and human rights-based advocacy. Lisa currently serves as a trustee on the boards of YouthBank International and is on the advisory board for Professor Padraig O’Malley’s Global Alliance of Muslims for Equality (GAME).

She was previous chair of Beyond Skin (Belfast), an arts based peacebuilding organisation who champion #Youth4Peace and run a number of international projects centred on community reconciliation. Lisa has also served as Chair for Public Achievement (Belfast), a youth civic education organisation which focused its work on youth in contested spaces living in tougher social realities in Northern Ireland, Spain, Israel and Palestine. Public Achievement was the first organisation in Northern Ireland to win a Big Society Award for its Atlantic Philanthropies funded project Where is My Public Servant (WIMPS). She is also a Mediators Beyond Borders International trainer as well as a Kenya and Europe programme team member.