Rethinking gender in peacebuilding

Rethinking gender in peacebuilding

This report calls for a more nuanced understanding of the role gender plays in peacebuilding. It is part of a three-year research project aimed at deepening and expanding understanding on the topic and is based on field research in Burundi, Colombia, Nepal and Uganda.

The report focuses on four thematic areas: access to justice, economic recovery, inter-generational conflict and continuums of violence. It explores how the gender, peace and security agenda can practically implement a ‘relational’ approach to gender.

The field research showed numerous possibilities of what such an approach can mean, but also highlighted many of the complexities involved in addressing gender identities and dynamics and peacebuilding.

Rebuilding dignified lives: Gender in peacebuilding in Burundi

Re-examining identities and power: Gender in peacebuilding in Colombia

Re-assessing gender norms after conflict: Gender in peacebuilding in Nepal

Renegotiating the ‘ideal’ society: Gender in peacebuilding in Uganda

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