Unseen: Climate change and fragility in Nepal

Marginalised communities in Nepal are experiencing some of the worst effects of climate change.

Dependent on the country’s once teaming waters and fertile land for their livelihoods, they now find themselves in a fight for survival. This follows decades of marginalisation by the state, with an entrenched caste system.

In this documentary, we hear first-hand from fishers and farmers struggling to eke out a living in this new reality. From severely depleted fish numbers in rivers to oscillating droughts and floods in farmlands. All while facing the daily injustices as a marginalised and maligned community.

International Alert is concerned about the potential risks that the impacts of climate change such as this could have on peace and stability in Nepal. That is why we support marginalised communities in the country to engage with the government and to call for more inclusive climate adaptation policies and actions.