Partners for peace: International Alert’s strategy, 2024–2030 

This strategy sets out how we see International Alert’s contribution to building the more peaceful world that is so urgently needed.

We believe in global solidarity, and that international organisations such as Alert can be expressions of and partners for such solidarity. This strategy therefore affirms and strengthens our commitment to working in partnership, collaboration and solidarity with all who strive for peace around the world. 

We have developed it through deep engagement with our partners and among all our staff, and agreed collectively and inclusively the priorities and goals set out within it. As we deliver this strategy we will seek to follow the same guiding principles, as partners for peace, working with others towards the vision of a world without violence. 

We seek to be clear both on our own role and on the humility, thoughtfulness and lived commitment to equity that we must practise in playing it. In creating this new strategy, we have challenged ourselves to think afresh about Alert’s role, structures and practices, confronting embedded power relations and assumptions.