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Tujenge Pamoja kwa Ajili ya Amani (Construisons ensemble pour la paix)

Promoting dialogue between citizens and the state to build trust, improve social cohesion and resolve conflict

This project builds trust between citizens and the state in DRC by promoting inclusive dialogue as a way of resolving conflict, consolidating peace and creating conditions for institutional stability and economic recovery.

Implemented across nine groupements (administrative entities) in the Rusizi plain and the High Plateaux, the project strengthens the legitimacy of state institutions, builds communities’ socio-economic resilience to conflict and supports the reintegration of young people formerly associated with armed groups.

Continued insecurity in eastern DRC, frequent attacks against civilians, and almost non-existent levels of accountability among leaders, has undermined people’s trust in the government.

Young men and women are growing up disillusioned, and many have been forced to assume new roles due to conflict. Even when they are able to establish small businesses, these are often pillaged by armed groups and poorly paid security forces leading to further disillusionment.

The project adopts a five-prolonged approach which includes: promoting democratic dialogue (both intra-community and between citizens and the state); promoting inclusive land governance; strengthening security governance; promoting social cohesion among young people through joint economic initiatives, and reducing levels of sexual and gender-based violence by transforming negative social norms.

It started in July 2017 and will end in December 2019.