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Supporting vulnerable communities and conflict-sensitive reintegration in northeast Nigeria

This project supported the reintegration of survivors of sexual violence by Jama’atul ahl al-sunnah li da’awati wal jihad – commonly known as Boko Haram – as well as those internally displaced by the conflict.

The violent insurgency by Boko Haram has left thousands of civilians dead and led to mass displacement across Nigeria and the surrounding countries, threatening the stability of the whole region. Maiduguri, in northeast Nigeria, is home to many of those displaced and faces severe challenges to social cohesion.

We worked in three camps for internally displaced people and one host community in Maiduguri, and another community in nearby Bama, to help those affected by the violence reintegrate back into society and move forward with their lives.

This included holding victim support and family dialogue sessions – especially women, girls and children, running public awareness campaigns on stigma reduction, and training local leaders on peacebuilding and non-violent conflict resolution.

This project helped with the healing process of these women and girls and the rest of community members. There has been a clear reduction in the stigma and marginalisation of women and girls associated with Boko Haram and their children; and these women and girls have exhibited an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem, are able to sleep better, feel calmer, and talk about their experience, which are all positive steps for trauma healing.

This project ran from April 2017 to March 2019.


The journey of Boko Haram survivors

This film chronicles the journey of Boko Haram survivors and their reintegration and acceptance back into their communities, with the help of International Alert.