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Peace education

Reducing young Syrians vulnerability to violent extremism

This project aims to increase knowledge on the factors that make young Syrians vulnerable to recruitment by violent extremist groups and to assess how peace education can reduce such vulnerability. We are exploring this issue through field research in Syria, Turkey and Lebanon and by working through local partner organisations in diverse communities across the Middle East.

The radicalisation of Syrian children and young people within Syria and in neighbouring countries represents a growing challenge to peace. Young people are increasingly vulnerable to exploitation by extremist groups, and yet, beyond anecdotal evidence, there is little understanding of what makes people vulnerable and how education projects can prevent radicalisation. This project seeks to address this gap.

The project will contribute to programming and policy-making on the issue of violent extremism as it relates to the Syrian context. In addition, peace education activities will support up to 7,000 young Syrians and their families in multiple countries, providing them with the skills necessary to build resilience to conflict and reduce vulnerability to recruitment by violent extremist groups.