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Early recovery from conflict and resilience building in Yobe State

The project hopes to strengthen early recovery and improve human development, social cohesion and resilience among targeted vulnerable households and communities in Yobe state, Nigeria.

Violence holds back social and economic development in Nigeria by preventing children going to school, reducing access to health care, destroying public and private property, reducing investment and jobs and creating divisions within and between communities. Since 2014 the security situation in the northeast has deteriorated drastically, with the intensification of the insurgency by armed opposition groups. The resulting humanitarian crisis has involved significant loss of lives, livelihoods, productive assets and infrastructure, and thousands of people killed, displaced and suffering psychosocial trauma.

As part of this project, Alert will carry out an assessment of the conflict, community structures and existing services in targeted communities including a study on community challenges, perceptions and provide recommendations for the reintegration of men, boys, women, and girls. The project will also create joint platforms for state and non-state actors to organise and facilitate dialogue sessions with community members on social cohesion challenges; and provide support sessions for women and girls and for families.

The different activities will strengthen and increase the states responsiveness, transparency and accountability to Yobe citizens. It will also enhance their ability to strengthen and expand its social protection system to address basic needs of the community. This will help to build cohesive resilient societies that are able to prevent and resolve conflict, facilitate reconciliation and social cohesion, while addressing some of the underlying drivers of violent extremism in Nigeria.

It started in January 2019 and will end in June 2022.