Conflict affects women, men, girls and boys in different ways, and gender inequality undermines the long-term prospects for peace and development.

We help improve relations between women and men at home and in their communities, strengthening their capacity to respond peacefully to problems when they arise, and to build a peaceful future for them and their societies.

We advocate for the integration of gender issues in peacebuilding and security processes around the world, and empower local communities to support the equal participation of all members of society.


Gender and masculinities in Myanmar

In Myanmar, many mention gender when discussing politics, conflict and peace. This short animation to find out more about gender and why it matters to men.


Elizabeth Laruni's picture

Elizabeth Laruni

Peacebuilding Adviser – Gender

Emmanuel Sebujangwe's picture

Emmanuel Sebujangwe

Project Manager, Tufaidike wote, DRC

Gloriosa Bazigaga's picture

Gloriosa Bazigaga

Senior Adviser, Great Lakes

Jana Naujoks's picture

Jana Naujoks

Country Director, Myanmar

Nant Mu Say Khaleim's picture

Nant Mu Say Khaleim

Programme Officer – Gender, Myanmar

Ndeye Sow's picture

Ndeye Sow

Head of Gender and Peacebuilding