Six years into Syria conflict, how can we build a brighter future?

Six years on from the start of the Civil War in Syria, the situation remains desperately bleak. The estimated death toll of the conflict has risen to over 400,000 and nearly 5 million Syrians have now been forced to flee their homeland, creating new pressures and tensions in neighbouring countries.

Young people are being hit the hardest. They continue to experience unthinkable violence, loss and trauma, while a lack of job and education opportunities has also made them highly vulnerable to recruitment to armed groups like ISIS – as we explored in a report published last year on Why Young Syrians Choose to Fight.

Watch our Syria Projects Manager and a lead author on the report Caroline Brooks discuss some the main enduring barriers to peace in the country, six years on. Caroline touches on our work to support communities on the frontline of violence, and the opportunities we all have to start building towards a brighter future in Syria now – even in the midst of war.