Finding inspiration after a tough year for the world

It might be easy to end 2021 short on hope.

The climate emergency hits the world’s most vulnerable hardest. The pandemic has made global inequalities worse. International tensions are on the rise.

But amid all this are thousands of people working to build peace in their communities – shaping their own futures.

It’s those peacebuilders who should give us hope at the end of a tough year.

Who am I talking about in this video…?

  • Mali is already seeing massive upheaval from rising temperatures and more extreme weather events. Our team continue to support herders and pastoralists to come together and manage resources collectively without conflict. Watch our Country Director in Mali explain.
  • Young people in Lebanon are striving for a peaceful and just society. This powerful blog from our team and associates in Beirut is just one insight into the dedication of peacebuilders there.
  • In Tajikistan, we continue to see a significant reduction in domestic violence for people who take part in our Zindagii Shoista (Living with Dignity) project. Find out more about this model in our Policy Paper from March.
  • Livelihoods are crucial to sustainable peace. Which is why as the everyday practice of trading across the Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo border was abruptly put on hold due to COVID, we were concerned for the women who relied on it. Read more about Juliene and women like her who were supported to maintain and even grow their businesses during 2020-21.
  • And this is just some of the work that has gone on this year. I invite you to explore our projects going on across the world in our Locations and Expertise sections.

At International Alert, we’ll keep working in 2022 to connect a global network of local peacebuilders who are breaking cycles of violence and building sustainable peace. We hope you’ll work with us.

Find out how you can support our work.

Meanwhile, all our warm good wishes for a peaceful holiday season.