Conflict sensitivity institutional capacity assessment: Primary healthcare sector in Lebanon

Assessment report, conflict sensitivity checklist and indicators for community perceptions

This research was commissioned by International Alert as part of the project, 'Support to Conflict Reduction through Improving Health Services in the Context of the Syrian Crisis', which aims to reduce tensions between Lebanese host communities and Syrian refugees through improved healthcare services. This research assessment was carried out in and around eight primary healthcare centres across Lebanon, with a view to: provide analysis of the capacities of key stakeholders in the primary healthcare sector to operate in a manner that is conflict sensitive; increase Alert and partners’ understanding of the external, internal, individual and institutional blockages to operating in a conflict-sensitive manner; and develop analytical tools to support project monitoring related to the project’s impact on the tensions between host communities and Syrian refugees and the conflict sensitivity of healthcare providers. In addition to the main findings, this report also includes a conflict sensitivity checklist and a list of indicators to capture community perceptions when measuring the project impact.