Gender plays a central role in peacebuilding. Conflict affects women, men, girls and boys in different ways. But also, gender inequality can influence the long-term prospects for peace and development.

We research the role that gender plays in peace and conflict around the world. We advocate for the integration of gender issues in peacebuilding and security processes locally and internationally. We provide specialist advice and training to peacebuilding and development organisations. We also empower local communities to support the equal participation of all members of society, including men, women, girls, boys and gender minorities.

Our work is important because gender plays a key role in the power dynamics of societies and an understanding of gender is therefore vital to successful peacebuilding.

Our dialogue group has revolutionised our members’ way of thinking … When I speak in front of the men, they listen to me and respect me.
Kitenge Nabagumiza, first female Chef d'Avenue in Rugeje village, eastern DRC