Our impact

The deep wounds left by conflict remain long after the violence has ended. Trauma and fear shape who we are and are passed down through generations.

That is why we collaborate with people from across divides to solve the root causes of conflict, and support people and institutions to better anticipate and manage conflict without violence.

Together with local communities, partners, businesses and policy-makers, we turn our in-depth research and analysis into practical solutions that make a difference on the ground.

We help improve relationships within and between communities, and between citizens and their governments, and contribute to more effective and transparent management of vital natural resources.

Below, you can find out more about some of our peacebuilding in action.

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  • 335 dialogue meetings, supporting 27,301 people

  • 263 trainings, capacity-building and mentoring, supporting 20,232 people

  • 116 advocacy and outreach, supporting 206,348 people

  • 109 other activities, supporting 22,420 people

41% of our results changed knowledge and attitudes

41% of our results changed behaviour and processes

18% of our results changed conditions (e.g. policies, structures, etc.)

Annual Report 2019

In 2019, we ran a total of 114 projects in 21 countries and territories, with training, research or one-off consultancies and business partnerships in a further 18.

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Measuring impact

We regularly ask community members, local partners, companies and governments we work with about what worked best and what we can do better.

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Stories of impact

We speak to those we have supported about their experiences of conflict and what effect peacebuilding has had on their lives and in their communities.

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How we build peace

Our peacebuilding programmes target the root causes of conflict and empower affected communities and stakeholders to take action and make their voices heard.

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