Voices from Kasserine, Tunisia

Tunisia, six years on from the fall of Ben Ali. We travel to the province of Kasserine, one of the hotbeds of the January 2011 revolution, to sound out the inhabitants of this region near the Algerian border.

Workers, unemployed young graduates, children, young people living off smuggling, the family members of martyrs, artists and civil society activists, all tell the story of Kasserine. They talk about their living conditions, their feeling of dispossession, their expectations, dreams and struggles.

Built around individual portraits and landscapes, the film acts as a platform for exchange and discussion on issues of marginalisation and neglect. More broadly, it questions the Tunisian model of democratic transition in regions of the interior where the social question and duty of memory remain very real.

Originally produced in 2017.

Duration: 53 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Country of production: Tunisia
Production: International Alert
Directors: Olfa Lamloum and Michel Tabet
Images: Talal Khoury
Language: Arabic (French and English subtitles)
Date of production: September 2017