Let's build a happy family together!

Since 2012, International Alert has partnered with local organisations in Myanmar to promote gender equality.

The aim to improve the balance of gender power relations and increase understanding of diverse masculinities and respect for women’s rights to help reduce the risk of gender-based violence, conflict in the community, and discriminatory attitudes against women and other groups, such as LGBTIQ+.

Alert Myanmar‘s recent project, Pyaw Gya Meh (Let’s Talk), was designed to challenge gender norms and improve interpersonal communication using a programme of dialogue workshops and exercises in local communities.

Watch this animation made in partnership with Yaung Chi Thit and Studio Joosk which shows how small changes in the way we communicate can have a positive impact on building gender equality and women’s rights at home.

We created this animation with its strong but simple message to help build respect and understanding for gender equality at home in Myanmar.

Myat Thandar Ko, International Alert Myanmar

“We aim to reach married men through the relatable storyline to reduce domestic violence, gender discriminative attitudes and practices, and raise greater awareness of these common issues within families and local communities,” said Myat Thandar Ko, Programme Manager, at Alert Myanmar.

We delivered project sessions to both men and women in Dawbon and Mingaladon Townships in Yangon, Thinganet and Pyar Lae Chaung Townships in Rakhine State. The sessions explored everyday peace indicators and looked at how women and men typically use their 24-hours a day to help reduce discriminative thinking and attitudes around gender roles for families.