Kenneth’s story

Kenneth Nkumiro is the coordinator of the Ugandan Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs. Here, he talks about the role International Alert has played in advocating for the inclusion of youth in the political agenda.

“One of the things that has been lacking in key decision-making on youth in this country is evidence-based qualitative research.

“The different research reports that Alert has published on youth issues have informed the legislative agenda and policy agenda for the youth MPs that we work with and also influenced our advocacy agenda with government.

“We’ve seen this contribute to sudden changes in the design of the different governmental youth programmes, which is very critical. For example, International Alert has been critical in supporting processes for developing the national action plan for the youth, which is critical in ensuring that the youth policy in Uganda is approved…

In the discussions leading to the action plan, we were able to integrate aspects of youth, peace and security and for the first time this is going to feature in the national youth policy. Those are issues that have not been there [previously], but they are going to feature courtesy of the work of International Alert in providing the role of peace and security in youth empowerment programmes.”

“The quality of [Alert’s] research has enhanced our analysis and advocacy skills, because of the way the issues are raised in the different research processes, but also our understanding. I’ve come to understand more about the issues of youth, peace and conflict through our engagements with International Alert.”

You can find out more about our work in Uganda here and read our report, Youth, peace and security in Uganda, here.