How to Live in Dignity

Using the Living in Dignity methodology, International Alert works with both male and female family members across different generations, to reshape family relations. This reduces harmful attitudes towards women and girls, reduces different types of violence, and increases women’s involvement in economic decision making within the family.

The methodology was developed by Alert to promote family harmony, and protect women and girls from violence through social and economic empowerment. It has been highly successful in Tajikistan, so in Kyrgyzstan we have adapted the Living in Dignity methodology, working with religious communities to protect women and girls from domestic violence.

This is a two-stage process – in the first, men and women explore and discuss the behaviours and attitudes which are driving inequality and violence. In the second, families receive in-depth business development support and equipment to design income-generating activities tailored to local market needs.

These two strands are both essential, as improving livelihoods is integral to reducing gender-based violence by reducing economic stress factors, as well as increasing confidence and self-esteem. Living in Dignity addresses entrenched gender roles and stereotypes and brings about social and economic change in local communities.

Find out more about our use of the Living in Dignity methodology in Kyrgyzstan by watching the video below. In the video, representatives of Alert and training participants from religious communities talk about their experiences of this project, and the and positive changes they have seen their communities as a result: