Four days of violence - an anti-violence campaign by young Tunisians

Young people in Tunisia are calling on their communities to stand up against violence in a series of short films shedding light on the violence faced by marginalised communities in Tunisia – still rife almost 10 years after the revolution.

Young Tunisians living in deprived areas of Tunisia confront violence, stigma and harassment on a daily basis. These include human rights violations, institutional violence, gender-based violence, or violence in the home or the workplace are also rife.

For the International day of Non-Violence, International Alert Tunisia are launching the Four Days of Violence campaign, created with young people in Douar Hicher to raise awareness of the issues and advocate for their communities and policy makers to stand up for the laws that should protect them. The stories interweave to show the culture of violence they face.

Watch their stories

Adam’s story

Imed’s story

Amira’s story

Ahmed’s story

To create the films, International Alert brought twenty young people together with no previous experience of filmmaking to act in the films with training from a professional film team and director Samed Hajji.

International Alert has been working in the surburbs of Tunis since 2014, to promote democratic and participatory local governance aimed at the economic and social inclusion of youth. Our research has shown economic and political participation is lacking, but crucial to a transition to democracy in Tunisia. To achieve this, Alert has been working with young people to raise their voices and call for more accountability from the government and institutions.

In Douar Hichar, economic and social violence is a crucial issue in the lives of young people and so far has been poorly documented.

The series of short films provide a tool for local civil society to engage authorities and citizens in the fight against urban, police and gender-based violence and promote respect for human rights. International Alert and the young filmmakers are promoting the films alongside information on how to get support and constitutional rights under law.

We would like to thank the amazing young people who participated in this project and shared their experiences. The films reveal not only a vision of today, but promote action for a future without violence.