Peace is on the agenda: International Alert at COP28

COP28 will hold a thematic day on peace for the first time in its history on 3 December. The day will feature a series of high-level events focused on accelerating climate finance, including under the loss and damage fund, in fragile contexts. The UAE presidency will issue a declaration calling for an urgent increase in funding for communities affected by climate-related conflict. 

This is a vital opportunity for international policy-makers to take critical steps on this urgent issue and a delegation from International Alert is attending COP28 in Dubai to call for: 

  1. increased access to climate finance for conflict-affected countries; and
  2. the introduction of robust measures to ensure such financing is conflict-sensitive.

International Alert spokespeople are available for comment and interview.

Alert has published a policy note with proposals for conflict-sensitive climate finance. 

The paper outlines why governments, multilateral development banks, and international financial institutions should:

  • increase their understanding of risk by collaborating with and learning from peacebuilding, 
    humanitarian and locally-led organisations already working in conflict-affected settings;
  • increase flexibility and simplify accreditation over access to funding; and
  • devolve decision-making to the lowest possible level and enhance local capacity.

Climate change contributes to conflict by exacerbating tensions over land, water and natural resources, while violent conflict undermines attempts to adapt to climate pressures.

Climate finance is not meeting the needs of countries affected by the double burden of climate impacts and conflict. Extremely fragile states received on average US$2.1 per person per year in adaptation financing, compared to US$161.7 per person for those in non-fragile states.

The finance projects that do reach them often fail to appreciate the drivers of conflict, sometimes causing conflict situations to become worse. This includes overlooking governance issues, especially concerning access to natural resources, and human rights violations.

At COP28 the inclusion of a thematic day on peace and the UAE Declaration are welcome steps in the right direction. This momentum should help shine a light on the urgent need for more climate finance to reach fragile countries. 

At Alert we welcome the Declaration but wish to see a real follow up framework to guarantee its legacy at COP29 and beyond. Clear commitments and accountability mechanisms are needed to make sure that tangible progress is made towards meeting the needs of people most affected by climate change and conflict. 


  • Resilience: Unlocking climate finance for communities in fragile and conflict affected situations
    – Monday 4 December, 16:45-18:15, UNFCC SE Room, Expo City Dubai
    – Emmy Auma, Director of Alert Kenya, will talk about the need for conflict-sensitive climate finance, with evidence gathered through her work with communities in Kenya.
  • EU pavilion online event
    – Monday 11 December, 15:00-16:00 CET/18:00-19:00 Dubai time
    – An analysis of how peace and conflict were dealt with at COP28, in partnership with Search for Common Ground.
    Register here.
  • Nature Footprints Art Project
    – Sunday 3 December, 18:30, Blue Zone, Expo City Dubai
    – 19 artists from conflict-affected countries have expressed in their own way how climate impacts conflict.


For further information, please contact [email protected] or +44 7775 756 288.