Alert statement supports ceasefire calls in Ukraine conflict

Free access for international humanitarian operations must be maintained. Solidarity is shared with civil society across the region.

“The continued escalation of fighting in Ukraine and attacks on civilians are unacceptable. With rhetoric and actions increasing on all sides, the growing possibility of conflict beyond the borders of Ukraine is of real concern. Rapid de-escalation must remain everyone’s priority. We support Monday’s call from UN Secretary General Guterres for an immediate ceasefire, and for diplomacy and dialogue to prevail.  

“Ukrainian civilians are paying the heaviest price. The UN warn that over half a million civilians have already left Ukraine, and that the conflict could leave almost eight million people displaced and 18 million needing assistance. International Alert continues to hear traumatic accounts from those we work with on the ground of civilians sheltering from shelling, trapped and fearing for their families’ futures. We urge all actors to immediately refrain from military action that could harm civilians, and to open safe routes for humanitarian aid and displaced civilians.  

“We maintain there is hope and agency for the people of Ukraine to break the cycle of violence. It is the people affected by violent conflict who are ultimately best placed to forge long-term peace, and it is crucial that the space remains open for communities, peacebuilders and civil society to do their work of building bridges. International Alert stands in solidarity with civil society in Ukraine and across the region.”

  • Statement issued on behalf of Nic Hailey, International Alert Executive Director, on 1 March, 2022.