Alert statement on the military coup in Sudan

“The military coup in Sudan today (October 25) represents the sad and familiar legacy of repressive rule, uneven economic development, and socio-political factionalisation. The events are not unexpected following two fraught years of partnership between the civilian and armed forces representatives tasked with managing democratic transition.

“The suppression of non-partisan civil society groups and the inability of opposition politicians to unite around common objectives allowed the armed forces to maintain a tight grip on Sudan’s governance, a grip they have been reluctant to release despite the overthrow of al-Bashir in 2019.

“Things have been brought to a head by the deepening economic crisis, which has led to sharp divisions among the population over the effectiveness and value of the transitional government.

“For any hope of a return to a peaceful and legitimate transition process that the Sudanese people can have confidence in, Sudan’s leadership must first ensure that civilians are secure and can express themselves without fear of violence.

“In the longer term, institutions must be strengthened in order to break the recurrent cycle of coups. Sudan deserves a governance system that is reflective of the civilian population’s voices and needs. Sudan can benefit from inclusive civilian oversight of the armed forces, an equitable and accessible justice system, and strong anti-corruption frameworks. Sudan requires economic measures that meet the wellbeing needs of citizens.

“We know that the dividends of democratic governance are rarely felt immediately. While today’s events are a setback, we must continue to support the principles for which hundreds of thousands of Sudanese men and women bravely faced the threat of death in demanding revolution in 2019.

“International Alert calls on the African Union, Arab League, the UN and other international powers that have invested in resetting relations with Sudan over the past two years to support its people and facilitate the establishment of an inclusive agenda, timeline and process for instituting a civilian-led government.”


  • Statement issued on behalf of International Alert Africa Director, Cindy Chungong.
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