Kimairis (Kim) Toogood

Kimairis Toogood
Former Head of Conflict Hub

During her time at International Alert, Kim ensures that the Conflict Hub serves as a focal point across key strategic partnerships, and is responsible for delivering high-quality and innovative gender and conflict analysis and guidance across multiple internal and external stakeholder settings.

Prior to taking this role, Kim was the Senior Advisor with International Alert’s Africa Regional Programme, and also served as both a Peacebuilding Advisor and a Senior Peacebuilding Trainer for International Alert. Before joining International Alert, Kim was the Peacebuilding Adviser to the British Council’s Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme, and served as a Peacebuilding Consultant with UNHCR in Kyrgyzstan. She has also worked as a Conflict Prevention Officer at the US State Department’s Bureau for Conflict and Stabilization Operations, as a Conflict Prevention Specialist at the United Nations Development Programme’s Peace and Development Programme in Kyrgyzstan, and as an Analyst on the Arabian Peninsula at the US Department of Defence.

Kim holds a PhD from the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, an MA in International Conflict Analysis from King’s College London, and BAs in Political Science and English from Clemson University. She is also a certified mediator by the Virginia Supreme Court.