Zindagii Shoista in Tajikistan evaluation

This is a summary of an internal final evaluation of the Zindagii Shoista (Living with Dignity) project in Tajikistan. This project which aimed to reduce violence against women and girls (VAWG) through a combination of behavioural and gender norm change and income-generating activities (IGA) over a period of 15 months in 2018–2019, with the final evaluation published in September 2019.

In response to the intervention, significant positive changes were found in all indicators of violence, relationship dynamics, mental health and socio-economic status. Overall, the number of women reporting emotional, physical or sexual intimate partner violence (IPV) over the past 12 months halved – although it still remained at 33.1%. Severe emotional, sexual or physical IPV was reported by 64.5% of women at the baseline, falling to 12.2% of women at the endline.